The Better Mrkt

There’s a good reason
why we call it truly raw...

  • Did you know all California almonds go through a process called pasteurization that destroys the vital nutrients and flavor of the almonds?
  • Thats why we import our organic almonds from Spain. Never treated in any way, our Spanish almonds are Truly Row with all of their nutrients, enzymes and flavor in-act.
  • Before turing them into almond butter, we sprout our Spanish almonds to make them tastier,creamier and increase the bioavailability of their nutrients.
Organic-Seal-small Sprouted_Seal
  • vegan
  • no added oils
  • keto friendly
  • gluten-free
  • paleo
  • raw

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With Better Almond Butter, you get the best of both worlds: better taste AND health benefits.

any Diet

Tastes Good, Everytime!

Whether you’re having it for breakfast or dessert, every bite feels crunchier and tastier than ever.

any Diet

Earth-Friendly Glass Jars

Not only is using glass instead of plastic more earth friendly, our glass jars are great for upcycling!

any Diet

Upasteurized Spanish Almonds

The key (and only) ingredeint that makes our almond butter creamier, tasteri and more nutritios is that we use sprouted Spanish almonds instead of pasteruzed California almonds.

any Diet

Power-Packed with Nutrients

Our almonds are known for more than just their taste. No preservatives or pasteurization mean rich nutrients that make your meals healthier AND delicious.

any Diet

Smoothies or Spreads? Your Call

Better Almond Butter’s sprouted Spanish almonds make your spreads and smoothies tastier and more nutritious than other almond butters.

any Diet

Made for a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

Need a tasty almond butter that keeps you in good shape? Better Almond Butter is made with sprouted almonds, which are easier to digest because the physic acid is broken down.

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What Our Customers Say

Raw, Organic (not steamed like Californian "raw" almonds) 99.9% plastic-free packaging.

This is a great product on all fronts. Kudos to the company for thinking every aspect of it through so thoroughly.

It took time and research to find the best almond butter. From a nutritional standpoint, raw and organic is the way to go.

“Better Almond Butter uses organic almonds from Spain. As far as I know, the almond crop is raised in a more natural, bee and human-friendly way."