Truly Raw


Truly Raw - 12oz 

Sprouted, USDA organic, no added oils.

Our Truly Raw almond butter only has one ingredient - almonds. Specifically, organic sprouted Spanish almonds that are kept raw for maximum nutrition and bioavailability. You'll notice the flavor of our raw sprouted Spanish almonds is much stronger and sweeter than the California almond. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic raw sprouted almonds



Sprouting almonds breaks down phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors to make the almond easier to digest and to allow your body to absorb all the nutrients the almond has. 

Spanish Almonds

Did you know that all California grown almonds are treated with heat or chemicals and they can still be called "raw"? Since this is the case we import our almonds from Spain. Our unpasteurized Spanish almonds are never treated in any way and have their full nutrition and flavor intact. 



Sprouted - USDA Organic - NON-GMO - Vegan - R.A.W - Gluten-Free - No added oils - Whole30