Raw & Unfiltered Linden Honey


Linden honey - 16oz

Raw & Unfiltered

Linden honey originates from the linden-woods that stretch across the slopes of Mountains in Western Ukraine. At the height of blossoming in a Linden grove, the ambrosial aroma of the tiny yellow-white flowers draws bees from miles around.  

The flavor and aroma of this honey can be described as woody, crisp and fresh.


Benefits of Linden Honey

Linden honey has a wide range of applications, known for its sedative and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to help treat sore throat, cough or cold. It is also applied topically to your skin to help promote the healing of wounds. 

The Linden tree has played many roles in history, both symbolic and practical. Since pre-Christian times in Europe, it has been known as a mystical tree of life, tree of health, judicial tree, victory tree, fertility tree and as a social or dance tree.