Why Sprouted Almonds Are Better For You

Sprouting nuts and seeds is nothing new, in fact humans have been doing it for thousands of years. Sprouting simply means soaking nuts or seeds in water until they begin to germinate or "sprout". Long before nutritional science, people realized that sprouted nuts and seeds made them easier to digest, and now we understand why.

All almonds have enzyme inhibitors which act as the almonds natural defenses. These inhibitors make the almond harder to digest and block your body from absorbing all of the almonds nutrients!

At Better Mrkt, we understand now that the "sprouting" process actually breaks down these enzyme inhibitors by activating the almonds germination process. During the early stages of germination, almonds shed these enzyme inhibitors as they are no longer needed.

Truly Raw Almond Butter


Our Truly Raw almond butter only has one ingredient - almonds. Specifically, organic sprouted Spanish almonds that are kept raw for maximum nutrition and bioavailability. You'll notice the flavor of our raw sprouted Spanish almonds is much stronger and sweeter than the California almond.